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Our membership structure is designed to help you achieve your health goals as smoothly as possible. All levels give you the individual support of Personal Training with the energy and motivation of Group Fitness. Take the first step towards prioritising your health with a fitXcore membership.
L1 Sweat
from $21
Per Week

This is Fitxcore’s spin on Bootcamp.
Using mostly bodyweight and cardio equipment.
Level 1 is a great place to start your fitness journey.

Unlimited Access to all L1 Sessions
Experienced Coaches
Initial Body Composition Scan
L1 Keystone Nutrition Guidelines
Access to our 28 Day Challenges
L2 Strong
from $43
Per Week

This is the style of training that started it all at Fitxcore.
A balanced mix of strength and conditioning.
Level 2 will help you tone up and get in amazing shape.

Unlimited Access to L1 & L2 Sessions
Monthly Coaching Call (Goal Setting & Results)
Monthly Body Composition Scan
L2 Keystone Flexible Nutrition
Fitxcore Keystone Recipes
Access to our 8 Week Challenges
FREE Kids Club Creche (Coming Feb 2020)
L3 Transform
from $57
Per Week

This is Fitxcore’s supercharged level.
Keeping YOU in full control and fully accountable.
Level 3 is everything you need to perform at your best.

Unlimited Access to ALL Sessions
Weekly Coaching Call (Ultimate Accountability)
Weekly Body Composition Scan
L3 Keystone Personalised Nutrition
Fitxcore Keystone Meal Plans
FREE Kids Club Creche (Coming Feb 2020)
FREE Fitxcore Seminars & Workshops
Guaranteed Results
Ever worked your butt off to see little to no result? Our bullet proof systems are designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Your commitment. Our support. You'll be unstoppable.
Have you ever joined a gym then felt like "just another number"? Not at fitXcore. Our small semi-private sessions allow us to program closer to your needs. Our mindset training will help you feel safe and supported during your fitness journey.
We love motivating people to train hard and feel great. Once you start with fitXcore, you'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner. Our training can be addictive *or so we've been told...
Fun & Fresh
Our sessions are fun and fresh. Every workout is different so you'll never feel like you're on repeat. We have programmed our sessions to be highly effective and, most importantly, enjoyable.
Individual Attention
Our main focus is YOU. We understand that everyone is different and we've built our training to reflect this. We're able to tailor movements based on injuries or other issues, at the same time as increasing the intensity for more active members.
Interested, but still have questions? Ask a trainer

Good things come to those who sweat
If you’re looking for a workout that’s packed with as much motivation as perspiration, look no further than our Semi Private Training. Get the individual support of Personal Training with the energy and motivation of Group Fitness.